About Us

Experience, Creativity and Passion through Architecture


We are ECAD, a multidisciplinary architectural firm in Nigeria, building life-sized imaginations through architecture.

Since 1995, we worked with both local and international clients in creating architectural & design magic.

About Us

ECAD Architects LTD with our associated firms of Engineers. Quantity Surveyors, and Interior Designers, make sure to provide our clients with multidisciplinary design solutions. We are dedicated to developing top quality projects in Architecture & Construction, by providing our clients with bespoke and comprehensive designs, that ensure that their projects are completed on time , to the best international standards, and within their budgets.

Founded in 1995, ECAD Architects LTD has grown into a multidisciplinary architectural firm with both local and International clients. We’re an innovative firm with 20 members of staff, which include 14 Architects, Architectural technicians, An Accountant, and various other support staff. All our staff at ECAD have demonstrated and proven experience in the designing of buildings of the highest aesthetic quality. Operations are fully digitized, enabling us to produce a higher standard of design and documentation in the shortest possible time.

We specialize in various disciplines, which include residential, Industrial, recreational, commercial, health, hospitality and educational.

In our years of doing business, we have gained experience in the execution of all types of buildings, including various blocks of top of the range luxury apartments blocks, town houses, villas, commercial office spaces, corporate head offices, restaurants, specialist hospitals, as well as several institutional projects. 

Our design and management teams are led by talented and experienced professionals that develop and design the best of the best for our clients. Some of the projects involved the development of briefs, programming and execution, through construction documentation developed alongside architects abroad. We have also been involved in the design and execution of projects that require a high level of detail, specification and coordination of both local and Imported materials, fittings and equipment. These projects have been successfully rolled out in various locations all over Nigeria

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By dint of building well,
you get to be a good architect

- Aristotle



Our design and management teams are led by experienced and talented professionals, who build, create & disrupt.


Our process involves the development of briefs, programming and execution, through documentation developed alongside architects abroad.


We have designed and executed projects that require require high levels of attention to detail. We are also involved in the specification and coordination of local and imported materials, fittings and equipment.


Our architects, associated firm of engineers, quantity surveyors and interior designers, provide our clients with multidisciplinary design solutions.


Our team is led by an award-winning group of  experts, who integrate the skills, knowledge and experience needed to bring our clients’ ideas to life.

Our management team is made up of 4 Partners, headed by the Principal Partner. They are directly responsible for the quality of the professional services provided; which are broken down under the following headings: Architectural Design, Specifications, Technical Coordination, Client Services, and Management Coordination.


We take an integrated approach to our projects as a professional service firm. Our teams across all in-house disciplines of architectural design.


Our design and management teams are led by experienced and talented professionals, who build, create & disrupt.


Our technical team ensures that all critical technical elements and details are completely designed and specified before moving to site and also, ensures coordination between suppliers, fabricators, and contractors during execution on-site.


Our build team makes sure that all materials required to start and complete a project are identified and sourced both locally and internationally. They also employ the services of our associate firms of Engineers for every technical detail during construction.