ECAD Architects Ltd. founded in 1995, has grown into a multi disciplinary Architectural Firm, with both local and International Clients. The Firm is medium sized, with 20 staff members, which includes 14Architects, Architectural Technicians, An Accountant, and various support staff.

The members of ECAD Design Architects have proven experience in the design of buildings of the highest aesthetic quality. Operations are fully computerized enabling us to produce a higher standard of design and documentation in the shortest possible time.

ECAD Architects specializes in various areas of discipline, which includes residential, industrial, recreational, commercial, health, hospitality and educational.

Over the last couple of years, have gained experience in the execution of all types of buildings, including various blocks of top of the range luxury apartments blocks, town houses, villas, commercial office space, corporate head offices, restaurants, specialist hospitals, as well as several institutional projects.

ECAD Architects’ design and management teams are led by talented and experienced professionals that develop a quality product for all our clients. Some

Of the projects involved the development of briefs, programming and execution, through construction documentation developed in conjunction with Architects abroad.

ECAD Architects Ltd. over the last couple of years have been involved in the design and execution of projects that require a high level of detail, specification and coordination of both local and imported materials, fittings and equipment. These projects have been successfully rolled out in various locations all over the country.

ECAD Architects with our associated firms of Engineers, Quantity Surveyors, and Interior Designers can provide our client with a multi disciplinary design solution.

We are dedicated to provide top quality work in Architecture & Construction, by providing our clients with a comprehensive design that ensures their projects are completed punctually, to the best international standards, and within budget.

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